She turns on her computer and displays her website live. By typing quickly, she opens the site and scans to see how many are connected and waiting. A record crowd tonight! Well, his satisfied customers tell their friends and his notoriety spreads.

She is not an average webcam chick, she looks much younger than her thirties with light red curly hair at the waist and a lush woman’s body with wide curves. She has a dazzling smile with full lips of natural pink and bright blue eyes, a clear complexion and impeccable skin that shines in the soft light. No skinny bone bag, she’s a round woman and proud to be so!

She smiles at the camera and welcomes all her visitors with a sweet and breathless voice that she hopes they will enjoy tonight’s erotic show.

As she prepares, she hums an old Barry White love song. It certainly creates the atmosphere. By turning on the soft bedside lights, she sprays her green satin sheet with her favorite perfume. It smells like the freshness of a summer morning, lilies and lilacs. As she sprays the sheet and the pile of soft sage green and dark pink pink pillows, she describes the smell and tells her invisible audience how she feels, warm and excited to want to get fucked, but as she is alone, she must be satisfied as much as she can.

While playing webcam, she begins to take off her short black lace nightgown, sliding it along her right shoulder until the tip of a breast with a soft pink nipple appears. She turns her back to the camera and moves up the bottom of the black lace, bending over and moving her buttocks towards the camera, bends her head so that she can be seen between her plump thighs, smiles and blows a kiss to the camera that separates her buttocks with her long thin, fine fingers and long red nails, so that her black thong can be seen and slaps her ass. As she stands up, she slides the strap over her left shoulder smiling at the camera and pulls it all the way, making it turn like the ladies of old burlesque shows did with a hump that makes her buttocks tremble in an attractive way, leaving only her thong.

She runs her hands from top to bottom of her body, enjoying the feeling of her soft skin. The contrast of her long red nails on her pale cream-coloured skin creates a vision of pure sensuality. Turning around several times slowly so that her lush body can be seen from all angles, she smiles shyly in the camera, licks her lips and moans with another bump and grinch that pushes her pussy towards the camera.

As she continues to rub and caress her own body, she lies on the bed and slowly begins to tease her audience, her fingers slipping under her thong, spreading her legs apart and pulling them back, which only gives her a glimpse of the pussy. A slight flash of damp pink lips can be seen briefly.

By turning her buttocks in the air, she slides her fingers through the straps of her thong and slowly shakes them on her firm and firm buttocks. With her ass high in the air, she looks over her shoulder smiling and wearing the thong to her nose and inhaling deeply, she licks her lips, leaving them wet and sparkling.

Always on her knees, she spreads her buttocks. A vision of her tight anus and pretty pink pussy is the reward her audience gets. The contrast between her light cream-coloured skin and her sage green sheet gives her bright red hair.

She smiles with a sneaky smile on her shoulder and when she turns around, she opens her legs wide. She rubs her right clitoris with her fingers, then licks them and sucks them deep into her mouth.
With the considerable weight of a large tit in her hand, she gently pinches and pulls on her pale, soft pink nipple, which allows her to have a firmer breast. By ensuring that she is inclined towards the camera, she slides her other hand over her shaved mound and slides a finger over her right clitoris into her pussy that flows and moans deep down her throat. By pulling her fingers, she licks them slowly, savoring the sweet honey they are coated with. She then sucks them with a loud suction noise. Her audience on the other side of the camera has a clear view of her honey shiny pussy and erect clit.

As she sighs, she reaches out her hand under her pillow and takes off her favorite toy. Holding it towards the webcam, she describes the soft flesh as a blanket. It is a dildo of 20 cm long and about 5cm in diameter around with a butterfly at the base. Once inside, she will light it and she will vibrate, turn and rotate while the butterfly’s wings vibrate her clit.

She carries the tip of the dildo to her lips and licks it. She moans. She slides it into her mouth and turns it on at low speed and sucks it into her mouth. The dildo pushes against the inside of his cheeks and looks like a real dick worked with love in and out of his mouth. By making sure her legs are wide open and her pussy stays towards the webcam. She gets the huge dildo in and out of her mouth by turning the rotation upwards. Slipping it down her throat, she moans. Her pussy is starting to ooze with honey.

With her fingers, she gently rubs her dark pink clitoris, hard and wet, and slips her fingers into and out of her pussy that is now flowing. Holding her pussy lips wide open, she squirmed and moaned for herself. She has a beautiful pussy with full lips and a beautiful dark pink pink color. Not too big and shaved, which makes her look like a young girl’s pussy. She takes the dildo out of her mouth and presses it against her pussy and moaning aloud slowly begins to insert it. Once she has it firmly and completely in her sinking pussy, she turns the dildo on low speed.

As she sighs, she leans down and pulls her breasts down to her mouth and licks them, bringing her soft pale pink nipple to her lips and licking it until it gets hard, while smiling in the webcam.

By turning the dildo upwards, she presses the switch that makes the butterfly vibrate against her erect clit. The view of her right clitoris rubbed by the butterfly at camera range is spectacular. The honey flows on the bed and makes the dildo smooth and shiny.

Lick around her breast, she moves it higher and pulls the pink nipple, now tight and hard, deep into her mouth and begins to snack and suck with loud rushing noises. She sucks the nipple deeper into her mouth and uses one hand to help her flowing pussy get the spinning dildo in and out, slower and then faster and always deep and always within reach of the webcam. She moans deep down her throat.

She begins to crush her clitoris in the butterfly and pistons the dildo in and out using her internal pussy muscles to move it, while her fingers hold her pussy lips wide open. The sound is accompanied by her loud moans, making her warmer and more honey flow around the dildo and the leak in the crack of her ass make a wet spot on the bed.
She takes a minute to reach out under another pillow and takes out another dildo by holding it towards the camera. It is a blue glass tube 9″ long and 1″ in circumference with pink buttons that look like bubbles along its entire length. As she did with the other dildo, she prepares it by licking and sucking it, rubbing it against the inside of her cheeks and pushing it to make it look like she is sucking a tail with her mouth. I suck it in and suck it out by drinking and moaning.

When she has warmed up the dildo, she holds its wet end in her tight anus and starts using her muscles to suck it into her ass. It is clearly difficult to insert the dildo into his tight ass, even with all the honey that has infiltrated it. With a deep moan, she finally puts the glass dildo firmly in her ass. She twists her ass for the camera by stroking her clitoris and pussy with her fingers and moaning as she moves the dildo in and out deep and fast.

She puts the other dildo back into her hungry pussy and using her pussy muscles sucks the dildo deep down, restarts it and restarts the butterfly. This time, she transforms the dildo into her pussy to vibrate too and the vibration is carried from her pussy to her anus.

Working both dildos in and out of her pussy and ass, she moans and squirms, turning around, so that her ass is now in the camera for a close-up. Using his ass muscles to move him to the camera, moaning for his pleasure, letting his audience enjoy the view of the dildo disappearing into his tight ass, then turning back so that the honey flowing from his pussy flows along his ass on the glass dildo making it smooth and easy to slide in and out.

The dildos that work in her ass and pussy are bewitching! The sounds of the dildos entering and leaving her openings and the sucking of her breasts accompanied by her noisy moans are a spectacle of their own and add to the action of the entire woman who is fucked in front of the camera.

She takes her right breast in her hand and licks the nipple again. She sucks on the side of her breast and leaves a large dark red hickey. By biting him slightly, she sucks him deeper into her mouth, alternating the tits, she gives him long and slow slow licks, accompanied by suction and deep bites on the nipples, leaving them swollen, red and erectile.

As she fucks her own ass with her long thin glass dildo, fucks her own pussy with the rotating dildo, teases her clitoris with the butterfly and sucks and nibbles on her own breast, she moans louder and louder as an orgasm overwhelms her and her whole body trembles. As she moans louder and louder, she comes back louder and louder.

She continues to suck her breast and kiss her ass and pussy and moan until she comes back with a violent spasm and a huge sperm beak of a woman coming out of her pussy. She screams and moans and collapses on the bed with the dildos still firmly inserted into her body with her ass high in the air so that a clear view of her pussy and her ass with the dildos is in the center of the camera and her wet nipples well sucked visibly pulsating.

On the other side of the webcam’s audience, many of them return customers are impressed by its performance and satisfied that their money has been well spent. She will be at the same time tomorrow, in the same place and will give her everything for the camera and her audience again.

As the camera turns off, her lover who has been patiently sitting out of reach of the camera by stroking her 25cm cock comes and turns her over on her belly looking to make sure they are tilted laterally towards the camera, he pulls the two dildos with a loud pop noise out as his muscles let them escape reluctantly. and pushes his tail deep into her hot pussy drop.

Standing under her, he grabbed her breasts, squeezing and pulling them, riding her like a wild horse, pulling almost to the end, then diving deep and hard, over and over again until she suffocated and moaned. Just before he explodes with an orgasm, he turns her over on her back and pulls her around so that her head is suspended on the bed and she avidly sucks her long thick cock deep into her throat as he buries her face in her pussy and bites her clit, then sucks her pussy and spurs her fingers in and out of her pussy and ass as quickly and deeply as possible. As she has another violent orgasm, she pulls a thick stream of sperm again and screams while her greedy lick and suck it all up.

By turning her over on the bed, he pushes her long, thick cock firmly into her pussy as deep as possible and starts riding her again. Louder and louder and deeper and deeper until with a moan and screams, he screams as she pulls a long stream of woman’s sperm again, shouting her pleasure.

It doesn’t bother him that she performs in front of her faceless audience as long as she fucks him and fucks him well. As he slides his now soft cock out of her wet pussy with a beat noise, she slides along the bed and sighs with pleasure, she licks it and sucks it cleanly.

She doesn’t know that the camera is not turned off and her website is now focused on her pussy and cock as they fucked for her audience. Double your pleasure, double your pleasure, double your income!

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